Traditional Play for Therapeutic in Chronically Ill Children
Thanattheerakul C., Tangvoraphonkchai J.

This research was to study how to develop and sustain traditional play for hospitalized child patients. The study was conducted in a participatory action research which based on phase-to-phase development, the characteristics and contexts of the sample group. This preliminary study was completed in two phases. The first phase was the data collection from 12 nurses by question, “What is the present situation of admitted child patients’ play activities?” The second phase was the data collection from 25 hospitalized child patients and/or their parents by questions, “What are the problems and need of these children and their parents related to the play activities at the hospital?” and “How should traditional plays be organized for these children?” The findings reflected that play activities were organized by a hired teacher and could not be provided for all age groups. Parents should be informed of the importance of such activities for their children both their healthy and unhealthy status. While traditional play is challenge to perform for these children, and their parents reflected positively appreciated because of related to Thai culture context.

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