Where Do I Begin? Early Years Educators' Online Teaching Readiness, A Phenomenology
Wilma Lyn B. Regalado, MAT; Nida H. Garcia, EdD

The pandemic has brought a sudden shift in teaching and learning from traditional in-person to online modality. Understanding the lived experiences of a selected group of respondents, this qualitative phenomenological research uncovered the online teaching readiness of Preschool Teachers at the Philippine School Doha. The articulations, musings, and verbalizations of the respondents were gathered through a twenty-one semi-structured interview, analyzed via a dendogram, and classified according to similar themes. The reliability and validity of data were established through a member-checking procedure. The findings reveal that the respondents’ online teaching readiness covers three significant forms: personal, relating to the teachers’ perception, attitude, and disposition; institutional, relevant to the support coming from the school; and professional; the technical and pedagogical skills of the teachers. Indeed, these forms of readiness are meant to educate, inspire, and propel school administrators, teachers, and affiliate officials to create development programs relevant to teachers’ online teaching preparedness.

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