The Crises of Citizen Participation in Elections, Governance and Development in the Nigeria’s Niger Delta Region (1999-2019)
Ekong, Joseph Paulinus; Dr. Fidelis Allen

The reversal of the governance matrix in Nigeria from military to civil rule on May 29, 1999 rekindled the dreams of Nigerians for their increased participation in elections, governance and development processes. The Niger Delta region as a microcosm of the macrocosm called Nigeria, also shared in this euphoria but unfortunately after twenty years of this governance experiment, the region is still trapped in the web of low citizen participation in elections, unaccountable governance, and under-development. In resolving these, the paper calls for the adoption of electronic voting, reviewing of the election security architecture, and deregistration of violent members of the political class by the Independent National Electoral Commission as a deterrent to would-be perpetuators of electoral insecurity, amongst others. This paper employs „Structural Functionalism‟ as the theoretical framework for the analysis the variables in this work, and relies primarily on secondary sources of data obtained from academic journals, newspapers, and bulletins.

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