Relationship between Job Satisfaction, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Employee Performance: Sample of Edirne Financial Office Employees in Turkey
Dr. Gülsevim YUMUK GÜNAY

The performances of the employees are formed by an expression of their attitudes towards their work and reactions to the work. Satisfaction and dissatisfaction lie behind the positive and negative attitudes. Whether individuals are private or public employee, they can exhibit voluntary behaviors when they are satisfied with their work such extra role behaviors, called organizational citizenship behaviors, can affect the performance of employees. In this study, the relationship between job satisfaction, organizational citizenship behavior and employee performance, and whether these three variables differed by demographic characteristics were tested on public employees. According to the results of the study, job satisfaction affects organizational citizenship behavior; organizational citizenship behavior affects employee performance and job satisfaction affects employee performance positively. Moreover, there were differences in job satisfaction in terms of gender, age and total service years as the demographic factors, but any difference was not observed in organizational citizenship behaviors and employee performances.

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