Salary Dispersions and other Controversial Aspects to the Discussion on Teaching Career in Brazil
Rubens Barbosa de Camargo, Márcia Aparecida Jacomini

This article presents data on the remuneration of basic education teachers in countries that belong to the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development (OECD) and to 12 Brazilian states and their capitals. It was found that there is proximity between the average salary dispersions regarding teachers without a college level both in Brazilian capitals (67%) and states (54%) and data presented in the OECD (60%) and the European Union (55%), mainly concerning teachers who work in primary education. The difference between the salary and remuneration stated in the Brazilian research also found parallel with the OECD data. In the Brazilian case, except for one State, where the form of payment to teachers "include" and "extinguishe" all fixed and variable benefits that once existed, in the other networks, besides the salaries, there are a variety of bonuses, bounties, premiums, benefits, among others.

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