Market Orientation in Higher Education: Variation on a Theme
Robert L. Webster, Kevin L. Hammond, James C. Rothwell

Early studies in market orientation dealt with if and how market orientation might prove to be a sustainable strategy for superior performance in the business enterprise. Later in the development of market orientation theory and practice, the strategy began to be studied in nonprofit organizations. This manuscript continues the research concerning market orientation in nonprofit organizations, specifically in university business schools. The research reports the results of a national survey examining the levels of reported market orientation toward students and explores its impact on business school performance for both private schools and public schools. Specifically the research seeks to determine if private business schools and public business schools exhibit differing levels of market orientation and if so, do these differing levels impact organizational performance (a variation on the market orientation theme). The business schools studied were all members of AACSB and all were located in the United States. The manuscript details the data collection and analysis processes, statistical findings, implications for business schools, limitations of the study, and a call for future research.

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