The Empire Writing Back: Contemporary Pakistani Novel in English
Fatima Hassan

The post-colonial nations through their writers are trying to forge and present their perspective to the world. In doing so they are using the language of their once colonial masters i.e. English, to produce literature which aims at portraying a variant and a distinct national viewpoint besides re-writing and re-imagining the history of their people and their nations. These ‘others’ previously did not have the liberty and privilege to speak but now when they do, they are not merely responding to the world audience including colonizers but are shouting and smashing. It is the Empire writing back. Today, the contemporary Pakistani English novel depicts no idealization or euphoria about the post-colonial world or the notions of patriotism but is a phase of self-realization. Novelists like Mohammed Hanif, a contemporary Pakistani writer, writing in English have given it a distinct Pakistani flavour and have moulded it to suit their purposes. In this context the aesthetics of Hanif’s work are political and satirical.

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