Beauty & Working Opportunities
Lilia Aparecida Kanan, Everley Rosane Goetz, Andréia Agostini, Rejane Bergamaschi

This article aimed to investigate the possible relationship between the work and the beauty from the point of view of workers who found themselves unemployed. The research was analyzed by quantitative descriptive statistics; assumed the exploratory and descriptive character and the survey design. 324 people participated in this study. Between about half of the participants, there is the understanding that beauty is an important factor in winning a job. People have said take care of your physical appearance when looking a job opportunity. The labor’s organizations realize that the beauty present in the staff tends to be in a supporting role in marketing terms, attractiveness and profitability. However, despite the physical attributes of the selected candidates can be significant auxiliary resources for the achievement of a job, certainly without competence; do not guarantee the maintenance and success of people in work organizations.

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