Exploring the Extent to Which Cyber Security is Essential to Homeland Security
Emmanuel N. Amadi, Ph.D.

This article takes a close look at cyber Security for the purpose of providing information that enhances knowledge and understanding of cyber Security and explores the extent to which it is essential to homeland security. The article is for the most part a nontechnical discussion of cyber Security with a focus on the national level and with the aim of exploring the extent to which cyber Security is essential to homeland security. The motive for this exploration is the pressing issue of the potential adverse consequences of cyber attacks on the homeland. Accordingly, this article involves qualitative research that combines exploratory and descriptive research in which both cyber Security and homeland security are defined and discussed in detail. This article finds that cyber Security is to a great extent essential to homeland security because the consequences of successful cyber attacks on the homeland could be devastating to the nation’s cyber infrastructure, critical infrastructure, and the American people. Cyber attacks are very serious and are increasingly threatening to homeland security as they have the potential to result in enormous social and economic damage and disruption that could jeopardize the welfare of the nation. Therefore, all stakeholders must make concerted efforts and utilize all available resources to ensure cyber Security in the effort to protect the homeland. Otherwise, the security of the nation against cyber attacks would be severely hampered.

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