A Review of Distribution Logistics in the Brazilian Oil Industry
Rodrigo Duarte Soliani

applied was the bibliographical research, using scientific papers and specific literature, as in printed materials and / or published on the Internet.The strategies of organizations are becoming increasingly directed to the pursuit and maintenance of efficiency and effectiveness, seeking to optimize the resources used to achieve these goals. The logistics of transportation and distribution, when properly used, it is a key factor to make the petroleum-based fuels reaching consumers at lower cost. Emphasizing that, the petroleum-based fuels are automotive gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, aviation kerosene and fuel oil.Due to the complexity on the fuel distribution logistics in Brazil, with notice to the location of the main storage bases and delivery stations of products, evaluation of fuel bases, appropriate inventory level, compared to consumer demand and operational infrastructure of distribution, it is seen that there is a significant opportunity assessments and investments to improve the distribution logistics.

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