A Pause of Research: Supplemental Instruction for Student Success in Upper- Division Business Writing
Cynthia Schreihans, DPA

Based on a cooperative grant, Title V, from the Department of Education, a community college, College of the Desert (COD), and a satellite, university campus, California State University, San Bernardino-Palm Desert (PDC) were linked to provide student services for low-income, first-generation, and Hispanic students. Supplemental Instruction (SI) was one such service. Within upper-division business writing courses, over a fouryear period, this paper’s SI comparative study presents students’ achievements and instructor observations. As the only business instructor to offer SI within an upper-division writing course, it became recognizable; there is a pause, if not a vacancy, of documented data to support SI’s effectiveness within such courses. Therefore, this study urges faculty who teach similar courses to enhance student success with SI structures, whenever possible, and generate topic-related research so that, current field contributions can act as future support mechanisms. Descriptions, processes, theoretical frameworks, student outcomes, and inquiries plus, limitations are discussed.

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